Joining Mozilla

Today is my last working day at ShopIgniter. After a two week break, I will join the Web Development team at Mozilla as a Web Product Engineer.

I’m thrilled to be joining Mozilla and to be help to contribute to its mission to “promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web.” I will continue to be based in Portland (where Mozilla already has several remote employees) but will travel to Mt. View, where Mozilla is headquartered, as needed. My involvement in the Portland tech community will continue.

To understand a bit more why I’m so excited to be joining Mozilla, check out Pragmatic growth: from 2 to 40 in 4 years, and then watch the video What do you want the web to be?

Thank you to all my co-workers at ShopIgniter. I’ve enjoyed working with you all over the last year and a half. I look forward to hearing about ShopIgniter’s continued success and hope to see you around Portland.